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Bamboo Flooring:

bamboo floor plankBamboo is a type of grass that is also used in making of bamboo floors in a process using the bamboo stalks that are flattened out and combined with a resin and then compressed and baked at very high pressure to form one of the toughest and most durable floors on the market, with an estimated life span in excess of 50 years.
The environmentally  - friendliness of bamboo floors, make it ideal flooring solution for a greener and cleaner planet which is obvious benefit to all.
This amazing floor can also withstand light moisture, making it suitable for the kitchen area.

Bamboo Flooring Range:

bamboo floor, carbonated horizontal grain colour bamboo floor; carbonated strand woven colour bamboo floor; carbonated vertical grain colour bamboo floor; natural strand woven colour
Carbonated horizontal grain Carbonated Strand Woven Carbonated Vertical Grain Natural Strand Woven


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