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Single Contractor vs. Many 


jack of all trades iconWe have over the years, witnessed , and been a part of many home renovation projects, and we can say with some authority that we are aware of the many problems that occur when many different contractors are required to do their work simultaneously on the same property. We would like to share a bit of insight as to the amount of frustration and confrontation that is inevitable, in the hope that you might use this info to better handle a similar situation in the future.

There is a huge advantage in having a single, competent contractor who specialises in many facets of home improvement especially if these services are related to, and compliment each other when more than one product or service is required. The benefits in this regard are quite obvious in the following sense;

All work is coordinated by a single party who knows exactly what will be required each step of the way, thereby eliminating any conflict which can only be of benefit to the client e.g.... painting or cupboards which comes first; skirting or carpet; cupboard or carpet  etc.

There is increased responsibility as well as security which is very important with any job.

You can negotiate a much better deal with a single contractor, which could give you an overall saving of thousands of rand, depending on the size of the job.

The major disadvantages of having to many contractors are;

Lack of responsibility and accountability

Security breaches and violation of privacy.

Uncoordinated work that lead to unnecessary delays and frustration.

Priority given to their own work, often trying to finish as quickly as possible, even Preference given to their own work, which could be to the detriment of the client, who 

The positives of having a single competent contractor to do job, by far outweigh the negatives of having to many people in your home.


Does your home need a facelift? We are specialists in remodelling and  improving the condition and appearance of any home, whether it is completely run down and neglected, or simply just in need of a new look. trust us to completely transform your most prized possession from plain and mediocre into a home that exudes beauty , style and elegance, a place which you could truly call "home," that is not only admired but one that is the envy of the neighbourhood.

Our extensive range of products will definitely enhance the appearance of your property and help maximise the true potential  of both the interior and exterior of your home, irrespective

of its current condition, and no matter what the budget.

Flooring is a vital part in improving the appearance of your home,

but with so many options available, the task of choosing a floor can become quite confusing. With our range of carpets available, we'll certainly make carpet selection an easier task, using our extensive knowledge of the industry to give you absolutely sound advice.

With wood floors gaining immense popularity in recent years, we added both wood laminate as well as engineered wood floors to compliment out other flooring options. However, should you prefer to go green, our selection of bamboo floors is sure to delight you, while at the same time caring for our precious environment. If you do currently have existing wood or parquet floors that are either dull, scratched and lifeless, then you're at the right place, as we can totally transform your floor, bringing back that deep original beauty, shine and lustre using our sanding and sealing service for wood floor restoration.

As all our products are so closely related related to bring you a complete home improvement experience, one which is coordinated to bring you, the client the best in terms of quality workmanship. Our painting service and cabinetry which includes kitchens and bedroom cupboards is just what you need to finish off any room in style.

Although we offer many products and services, we can safely say that our staff are well trained and supervised to bring you the very best service and workmanship, as we would love to continue having a good name in the home improvement industry. 

Kindly visit our sitemap to view the  full range of  products and services that we offer.


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We have a range of carpets for both home and office to suite virtually any taste or style, from bedroom to boardroom, try us for service and peace of mind... you'll  be pleasantly surprised.



solid wood floor




There is virtually no other floor that that gives a home such a natural and real look look of quality than a wood finish, whether it be engineered wood flooring or the wood impression of laminate floors, that natural feeling of warmth is sure to last a lifetime Not even the effects of years of aging can change that... Simply Sand & Seal to bring back that deep original texture




artificial lawn picture That luscious look and feel of real grass all year round with our range of synthetic lawns and grass.

Here are some of the numerous advantages;

No mowing

No watering

Low maintenance

Child and pet friendly

Indoors / Outdoors

Home / Office / Playground 
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