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Built in Cupboards:


cherry coloured bedroom cupboard with frosted top doorsWe design , manufacture and install a range of bedroom cupboards

in a variety of colours and textures to suite virtually any taste, style and budget, ranging from the very affordable DIY basic cupboards to custom built, designer bedroom closets that can be finished off in some of the most exquisite and luxurious materials that are currently available on the market, ranging from solid wood veneer as well as decorative laminate and wrappe finishes, with many additional accessories that will contribute to it's overall functionality and efficiency.



DIY Built in Cupboards:

These types of cupboards, also known as modular wardrobe systems have got one aim in mind which is to supply cupboards to those households that have got budget constrictions, who are not able to afford custom built units, however some DIY hobby enthusiasts also find it quite challenging to assemble and erect these cupboards on their own.


pieces of chipboard The standard material that is used for DIY units is chipboard, which is shown in the picture. This is used asmelamine chipboard shelving and other interior components of the cupboard. The exterior of the cupboard is then finished off in either a white melamine chipboard or colour melamine, depending on your budget and the type of finish that you prefer.

This is the cheapest and most cost effective way to have your very own built in wardrobes. The assembly and installation of these flat pack could either be undertaken by yourself of the services of fitters can be utilised to do the job. It must however be stressed that this particular method is by no means the best way of getting the job done.


Custom Built Cupboards:


bedroom cupboard; beech colour with mirror doorsUnlike the DIY system which is a simple process, our custom built units need to be designed and manufactured precisely, according to client specifications and therefore require the necessary skills of a professional , from the designing process, all the way to completion. Our designers are able to provide a layout plan that best serves the needs of the client, which continues with  the manufacturing and installation process. The installation can be very tricky at times, especially if the floor is uneven or the walls are crooked, so only the very best experienced professionals with the right equipment are used for the job. It is vital to use the best people for the job especially with intricate installations such as very high ceilings which need double doors,as well as dresser rooms and angled wall where lots of cutting and measuring is required. 



Cupboard Design:

built in cupboard interior design and layoutThe design and layout  of  custom built wardrobes is a much more intricate affair as to what is realised and appreciated, it does require a whole lot more than joining a few boards and mounting them to a wall  to have a cupboard which is both functional and practical. For this very reason, each and every unit needs to be designed in such a way as to bring convenience and efficiency to the individual who is to make use of it. It is important to consider this as the needs of males and females differ substantially with regards to cupboard space with women usually requiring much more space and compartments to provide storage for items such as shoes, handbags, belts, long garments such as dresses and coats and so much more, compare that to the needs of a man which are very basic.

Having a closet that is organised and neat will prevent unnecessary frustration, in addition to saving a lot of time when searching for an item of clothing that you know is in there somewhere, and is most definitely a worthwhile long term investment.

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