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granite counter top

Granite Worktops:

The beauty, class and qualiy of granite worktop counters, makes it a very desirable and luxury finish that is craved in many households for the use in mainly the kitchen and bathroom.
The strength and longevity that granite provides, in addition to the elegant finishing it brings to the kitchen, makest it a very worthwhile investment, that certainly adds value to any home.
The wide range of granite colours that are available, makes it perfect for blending in with any king of decor.
Not only is granite used with new kitchen installations, but due to its unbelievable beauty, it is used in the revamp of old kitchens as well, adding life to previously very ordinary looking kitchen.

Granite Colour Range and Prices:

Africa Dream Ivory Coast Juperana Tier Juperana TT Niagra gold Rosa Tier
granite - africa dream granite - ivory coast granite - juperana tier granite - juperana tt graniite - niagra gold granite - rosa tier
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