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We provide a Professional Upholstery cleaning service, which includes the Cleaning of Couches & Sofa's, Lounge Suite Cleaning, Dining Chair Cleaning, Including Restaurant Chairs.
The service also extends to commercial environments, where we cater for the Cleaning of all Types of Office Chairs, and other Office Furniture, this also include the Cleaning Boardroom Chairs & Furniture, as well as Visitor Chairs and Reception Furniture.
Bed and Mattress Cleaning / Disinfecting is another of our cleaning services which is available for the home, very often neglected in most households, it is nevertheless vital in the fight against germs and bacteria.

Couch & Sofa Cleaning

Dining Chair Cleaning

Office Chair Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

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Couch / Sofa & Lounge Suite Cleaning

2 seater couch showing a clean and a dirty side

We deep clean all types of cloth/fabric couches and Lounge Suites, using a hot water extraction cleaning method combined with a unique cleaning process, to safely and effectively remove all types of dirt and stains from the upholstered surface
In addition, all items are systematically disinfected to provide protection against germs and bacteria,
We achieve amazing results with our system, and are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised with the cleaning results.


Dining Chair Cleaning

dining chairs, clean and dirtySome of the most stubborn dirt and stains are found on Dining Chairs, in both the home as well as restaurants and other public dining areas, the main cause being oily and greasy hands that come into contact with the fabric duriing meal times.
Using the same method, we are well able to achieve very effective cleaning results in most instance, sometimes repeating the proces a few times over, till satisfied.


Bed & Mattress Cleaning

single bed base and mattressCleaning of mattresses is hugely neglected in most housholds, and yet it is the one piece of furniture that we spend the most time on.
The cleaning process is quite a delicate one, as the outer material layer is usually quite soft and delicate, and could easily rip or damage.

Mattress cleaning also requires thorough disinfecting, as to combat all types of unwanted microscopic matter.


 Office Chair Cleaning

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We do an amazing job of Cleaning Office Chairs & other Office Furniture with cloth or fabric upholstery finishing.
This ranges from the cleaning of typist chairs, visitor chairs, stack chairs, executive chairs and much more.
Try us out today for an amazing cleaning experience.



Our Cleaning Method

We use a deep extration cleaning method, which is the preferred modern method for successfully getting rid of dirt, stains and odours which become lodged deep inside the fabric surface.
The cleaning process, as well as drying time is relatively quich, as most items are usually mobile, which can easily be move to sunny areas where the drying time is greatly accelerated.

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Couch Cleaning Prices:

1 Seater

1 seater sofa 1 seat sofa with cushion single seater couch single seat sofa (wing back)

This very simple sofa, with only seat & back is fairly easy to clean

Price: R120

A slightly more complex sofa in terms of cleaning, including a loose seat cushion.

Price:  R220

Striped sofa / couch with two separate back & seat cushions

Price: R250

Large single seat, fancy wing back sofa, with separate seat cushion.

Price: R320

The price for couch and sofa cleaning varies considerably,due to there being such a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and finishes which are available. This makes the process of cleaning a unique and different experience for each and every type. Some are much easier and faster to clean compared to others.

The plain, very basic designs with attached cushions are easiest to clean, compared to the more fancy types where extra curves, crevices and separate cushions make the cleaning process a prolonged and more arduous one, hence the price variation

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

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Areas We Service

map of johannesburg surrounding suburbs

We service all areas in and around Johannesburg, stretching al the way fron Krugersdorp and Roodepoort on the West Rand to Benoni, Kempton, Germiston & Boksbutg on the East Rand.

Centally,  wie serve all suburbs around  Johannesburg 

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