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When you decide to change your floor, wood laminate is quite an attractive option, it gives you that natural beauty and shine of a perfectly finished wood floor at a fraction of the cost of real wood.

There is an abundance of options available on the market today, with colours and textures to suite virtually any taste or style.

There are floors suited to different conditions as well, from the low traffic bedroom areas to busy shopping malls, you're certain to find a laminate floor that is right for you.

One very important factor to take into account as well prior to purchasing your floor is the different quality grading for the different types of floor.


Laminate Floor Prices

We supply and install a wide range of laminate flooring to suite many different types of budgets, bu

t with such a huge price difference from one supplier to the next, knowing what the relationship between price and quality is remains a mystery as most dealers and suppliers employ a certain amount of deceit when selling laminate floors in an attempt to increase sales, with many dealers even opting to sell laminate as a DIY product, although the installation requires the knowledge of a semi - skilled carpenter at the least, to enjoy a quality installation. This practise, as well as dealers and fitters who do not follow correct installation protocol, is what eventually leads to floor failures.

A quick tip if you're not sure is to look at the price; cheap laminate = poor quality - expensive laminate = good quality


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Laminate Floor Installation

cherry colour wood laminate floorInstallation of Laminate flooring is  vital for a great looking floor and one that will remain looking good for many years to come.

Though the installation may seem quite simple, with may suppliers offer DIY flooring, in reality, for a floor to be done the right way requires the services of at least a semi - skilled carpenter  with the right tools especially if there are many corners that need to be shaped. 

Another vital ingredient for a great looking floor is floor preparation, without which any floor is doomed for failure. This is the process of having a floor which is level, smooth and free of any moisture prior to installation.


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