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carpet installation clipartCarpets have a lot to offer in terms of strength, durability and longevity, in order to get the maximum benefit out of these positve traits which carpets provide, it is absolutely vital to get an installation that is of a very high standard. Sadly though, quality installations are very rare commodity indeed, as we experience on a daily basis with the high volume of carpet repair jobs which we regularly undertake.

It is very possibe, and quite concievable that carpets could last in excess of twenty years and even longer, provided that they're properly cared for, in addition to suitable conditions which must be prevalent. In one of our recent case studies, this was proven when quote a prospective client to replace old carpets which had been installed in 1980, (that's more than 30 years of service) and were still looking decent.
The above is certainly

attainable provided that you get a quality installation, the correct underfelt, and proper daily care, including vacuuming and a professional carpet cleaning, service which needs to be utilised on a regular basis ) 


Quality Carpet Installation:

carpet on underfeltThere are basically two types of carpet fitting methods which can be utilised when fitting new carpets in you home, shop or office etc. these fitting methods are dependant on the type of carpet, which could either be a stretch type carpet which is laid on top of an underfelt, and is used mainly for residential purposes.

The second carpet fitting method which is very common, is the stick down method, which involves a process of applying adhesive to the surface, and sticking it directly on to the floor, this carpet fitting process is used mainly for office carpet installation, but certain residential carpet brands also adopt this type of carpet installation.


Carpet Installation (On Top Of Underfelt)

Firstly, it is necessary to clear the particular room of all movable furnishings, to allow for the uplifting and removal of any old carpets, as well as preparation of the floor, should this be required. This is based on the assumption that the room concerned, is one which is furnished, we ignore this process for newly built or renovated homes, as they a

re empty.

carpet grippercarpet tucked in between gripper and skirtingCarpet Grippers:

Next, we install wooden carpet grippers, these are usually nailed down along the perimeter of a room, parellet to the walls. This ensures that carpets are held firmly in position during the during the stretching process of installation, and allows for a neat finish which is free of any bubbling.

Carpet Edge Profiles:

carpet edge profileOur next task is to fit alluminium edge profiles to the edge of the carpet to provide an elegant finish to the floor, these strips are usually placed where the carpet meets either tiles, laminate or wooden floors.
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