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carpet with underfeltCarpet suppliers have for many years now come to rely on the traditional underfelt to help protect your carpet from wear and tear caused by the impact of everyday use through walking, as well as the pressure asserted on the pile by heavy furniture.

Underfelt is a vital ingredient in the carpeting industry, it is that unseen quality that protects your carpet and help to prolong the life of your carpet as well.

This underfet comes in different qualities for the different kinds of applications which range from very light bedroom traffic to very heavy commercial use.

The following chart will give you an precise indication for the exact application for the different thickness types.

Underfelt Thickness Application Areas of use
600gsm ± 8mm Light domestic Suitable for low traffic areas bedrooms, studies etc.
800gsm ± 9mm Medium domestic Perfect for the lounge and medium traffic bedrooms
1000gsm ±  11mm Medium domestic / Light commercial High traffic residential e.g.. TV rooms, dining area
1200gsm ± 12mm Commercial Ideal for heavy commercial use, churches, cinema's etc.


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