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rolls of different coloured carpetsYour Carpet Buying Guide:

With such a vast range of carpets and other flooring, such as wood floors and laminate available on the market, making the correct choice of carpet is quite a daunting task as well as a bit confusing, it does therefore help to have a  slight understanding about the different types of carpets before choosing a specific one for your home or office.
There are just so many advantages and benefits in having carpets, that choosing a carpet should be quite a pleasurable experience, knowing that there are very few better flooring options available.



How much does it cost?

Price is unfortunately a major factor in determining what type of carpet we purchase. Even though most households have budget constraints, the good news is that there are so many different types of carpets, with prices ranging from around R100m² -  R1 100m²  which makes purchasing carpets well within reach of many households.


What is the room going to be used for?

Although as the client you do make the final decision as to the choice of carpet, it is nevertheless recommended that you choose a carpet that will be functional for it's specific location, as all carpets have unique characteristics which make it suitable for specific conditions in both residential as well as commercially, e.g... heavy traffic, commercial carpets, are well suited for hotels, no use putting a thin carpet in this example for obvious reasons. 


Will it be a Leisure or Entertainment area?

family relaxing on carpet

TV rooms, dining areas etc. which are used for family and social gatherings would also be ideally suited for "stain proof" carpets. Many families are quite comfortable with keeping household pets indoors, which can be a problem if the wrong type of carpet is installed. Combining all of the resulting spills, grime and pet stains etc. which are bound to occur, a polypropylene stainproof carpet would be your most obvious choice, as almost every type of stain can be removed from this kind of carpet if professional carpet cleaning services are utilised, including red wine and ink. although a stain proof carpet does not offer the same kind of luxury as wool and nylon carpets, and has a pile that flattens much quicker over time, the stain removal qualities are definitely worth the price.


Will it be a busy or area?

In every home there are those dirty & greasy high traffic doorway areas that lead from the kitchen and bathroom areas to the

badly soiled carpet

 carpet residential applications, there is usually a high traffic lane which leads from both the kitchen, patio and bathroom areas. This tends to create a "dirty lane"on the adjacent carpet which could become a serious problem if the appropriate type of carpet is not installed in these areas. A stain proof carpet would be the ideal carpet for this kind of area as they are able to be cleaned quite easily. There are also other alternative, attractive flooring solutions such as bamboo flooring that would make the perfect floor with such conditions.

Remember; that darker coloured carpets are able to hide stains much better than their lighter counterparts, a definite consideration prior to your carpet selection.



Is it a large sunny room or an area which is small and dark?

Naturally, sunny rooms do seem to appear larger compared to a dark room, so in order to have the opposite effect to have a dark room appear larger is just to fit a light carpet and vice versa.

Darker carpets like navy blue, black and dark green  also tend to bring tranquillity to a room and are ideally suited for the lounge, study or main bedroom.


Do you want a luxury carpet?

If your desire is for the carpet to be the main feature of the the selected room, then either a thick pile, luxury carpet or one that displays some kind of pattern or design  would seem to be a solution as this will be quite prominent compared to a plain carpet. This action will tend to draw attention away from the wall and other features of the room. However, if the overall decor need to be emphasised,  then in such an instance a carpet with a plain texture would be appropriate. where the carpet is the dominant feature of the room.


What colour scheme are you trying to promote? 
For an aesthetically pleasing effect it is vital for the carpet to blend in and complement the overall decor of the room, in particular the wall colour. For this very reason it is important to match a colour sample of the carpet with that of the wall and built in cupboards to get a perfect contrast. It is particularly useful if this is done during daylight. If the wall requires  painting. this should be undertaken prior to carpet installation, to protect the new carpet from any accidental spills.
A good tip!!

Many carpets that are recommended for commercial purposes such as hotel and casinos, would make and excellent addition to any home, combining the strength of commercial quality with the luxury of a residential. These types of carpets also offer amazing cleaning qualities which are much better than normal residential carpets.


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