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Luxury Carpets

Do You Like That Luxurious, Soft Feeling That Brings So Much Comfort? We've Got The Carpet That Is Just Right For You... Perfect For Lounge & Main Bedroom Areas, Where A Relaxed & Tranquil Atmosphere Is Desired.... See Our Range For The Perfect Choice...

Plain Carpets

Does That Plain & Simple Look Resonate Well With You? Nothing Too Busy Or Fancy Which Distracts You... Fortunately, We've Got A Vast Selection From Which To Choose.... To Fit In Perfectly With Your Style & Personality....

Patterned Carpets

Not Many Are Able To Appreciate The True Beauty & Magnificence Of Patterned & Design Carpets... You Are Instantly Separated From The Pack... Many Great Establishments Are Opting For Patterned Carpets.... Hotels, Cinemas, Casinos.... Would Ideally Be Suitable For Larger Open Areas... Where More Of The Carpet Is Visible... Get Your's Right Here!

Carpets For The Kids Bedrooms

They Play... They Jump.... They Spill.... And Make Lots Of Mess... But They're Special... And Need A Special Carpet To Cater For Their Each & Every Need.... Something Completely Different From The Rest Of The Home... The Qualities & Characteristics To Meet Those Needs... Easy Cleaning... To Effortlessly Mop Up Those Accidental Spills... Find Their Ideal Carpet Right Here...

Carpets: Strength | Luxury | Durability

Not Many Carpets Are Able To Provide Both Commercial Strength & Residential Comfort.... These Are Arguably The Very Best Carpets Available On The Market Today.... It Is The Preferred Choice In Many In Many Large Projects... Where Both Beauty & Underfoot Comfort Are Required.... Hotel Rooms & Entrances Are Are A Perfect Example Of This Carpet In Action .... No Wonder... They Keep On Lasting For Years And Years.... While Still Looking Great....

Carpets For The Lounge & Main Bedroom

These Are Normally The Most Special.... Lots Of Time & Effort Is Usually Put Into Selection.... As This Is Especially For You... In The Area Where You Spend Most Of Your Quality Time... Get It Right... With Our Stunning Range....

Carpets For Office & Boardroom

Different Offices Have Different Environments.... Therefore Different Kind Of Needs... Whether You Need Something Robust & Hard Wearing.... Or Something With A Softer Touch.... Not Compromising On Quality Though.... Want A Special Design | Carpet Tiles ?We Have A Suitable Solution....

The Different Types

Carpets - Loop Pile

Loop Pile Carpets, As They Are Known.... Gives Off A Very Distinct Look & Feel To The Carpet.... They Are Available In Large & Smaller Loops.... And Provide A Very Neat Finish.... Available In A Variety Of Textures & Colours...

Different Loop Types


Belgotex Commercial

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Van Dyck

van dyck carpets logoWidest selection 
Van Dyck Carpets

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  • We'll Show You The Exact Steps To Follow To Choose The Perfect Carpet For Any Type Of Room  - Get This Wrong, And It Could Be A Critical And Very Costly Error. 
  • We Reveal How You Can Dramatically Extend The Lifespan Of Your New Carpets By Many Years.... Following Only These 3 Very Simple Steps... You Will Not Learn This  Vital Information Anywhere Else - Get It Here.
  • The One Type Of Carpet That Combines Luxury & Style With Commercial Strength & Reliability, Cleans Brilliantly Too... Not Many Dealers Know About This - We Show It To You.
  • Stay Away From These Carpet Ranges Unless You're Prepared To Replace Them In Less Than One Year... Why This Vital Information Is Kept Secret - We Disclose It To You.

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Quality Carpet Installation

carpet installation clipartIt matters very little as to whether you purchase a carpet which is very costly, or one that is very affordable, one single factor that will certainly ensure that you get the most out of your carpet, is the quality of installation.
Read this article on Carpet Installation to see why quality carpet installation is so important.


Choosing the right underfelt for your carpet
Why is it so important?
carpet underfelt

If ia that unseen and hidden quality that makes your carpet look so good, adding comfort, safety and dramatically extending the life of your carpet, giving you many years of enjoyment in the process..
See why underfellt is so important, and which is the right one for you.

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Carpet Maintenance: Cleaning And Caring For Your Carpets

carpet vacuum cleaner clipartDue to the great cost that is incurred when purchasing new carpets, it is imperative that they are cleaned and maintained correctly in order to reap the b...

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