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kitchen cupboard carcass 600mm wide

DIY Kitchen Units

The building blocks of any kitchen are the carcasses, (individual kitchen cupboards) as shown on the left. When these individual kitchen units are joined together, one at a time, they eventually make up a complete kitchen.

Without these building blocks it is not possible to have a complete kitchen.

Because a new kitchen which is designed and built by a professional kitchen company Because a proper kitchen requires a lot of time, skill and effort to do the right way. All top kitchen companies solicit the services of a professional designers to do the layout design and colour combination.  skill is quite a costly affair...

We are aware that it is not every household who has got the means and budget to pursue such a project.

Our company is able to manufacture an supply a range of white melamine DIY kitchen units with or without doors, for those individuals who don't mind a bit of manual labour


300mm kitchen cupboard carcassOur range of DIY floor units are available in the following standard sizes, shown in mm

300; 450; 600; 750; 900

All the indicated sizes are the measurements between the left and right sides.

Standard depth 550mm (front to back)

Standard height 720mm (top to bottom +150mm for the legs / kickplate

900mm tall wall kitchen cupboard carcassThere are two standard heights for our wall units; Standard wall 720mm

Tall wall 1080mm

Standard depth 300mm

Available in the following standard sizes:

300mm; 450mm 600mm 750mm; 900mm












Kitchen Cupboard Price List

Size Carcass only Carcass+ White Melamine Doors   Carcass + Colour Melamine Doors   Carcass + White Wrappe Doors   Carcass + Colour WrappeDoors      
F 300mm R                    
F 450mm                      




























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