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With such a huge variety of flooring options available in this modern day and age, the question naturally arises... is carpeting still an option?

Our view ... DEFINITELY YES!!

It is difficult to go into any home, or office without finding at least some section of a floor which is covered with carpets.

Carpets are the one floor covering, that has certainly stood the test of time, and with so many benefits and advantages with wall to wall carpeting, it is quite clear to see why are still so popular today. 

Generally, wall to wall carpets are still the preferred option where it comes to choice of floor covering, especially in the bedrooms, lounge and TV room, mainly due to the warmth and comfort that it provides all year round.
Carpets provide such an unbelievable combination of luxury, style and warmth, that quite a number of households prefer it in the bathroom as well.

With such an array of benefits, carpets should definitely be consideration an option for your next flooring project.

Carpet benefits comfort


bare feet on a carpet picComfort - Provides by far the best underfoot comfort of any other floor on the market, and dramatically reduces any leg that might be associated with walking and standing on hard surfaces such as tiles and concrete. After a long and tiring day at work, there are few better feelings than taking off your shoes and just unwinding with a stroll on the carpet which gives you that feeling that no other floor can.


Carpet Benefits Safety

slipping and falling man clipartSafety - Accidents are unfortunately a part of  everyday life, but one of the genuine advantages of having a carpet installed is that it is a non - slip surface, compare this to any other surface and  to another floor is that it virtually eliminates the risk of slipping which could lead to serious injury. In the event of an accident, the risk of serious injury is greatly reduced especially for the small children as well as the elderly.




Carpet benefits noise reduction


boy putting his hand over his earsNoise Reduction - Unlike hard floors, carpets offer the best noise reduction properties, it absorbs the noise which is generated by walking especially from ladies wearing high heeled shoes. it multi storey buildings such as flats and office blocks this serves as a sound barrier between floors which prevents any unpleasantness between neighbours.


Carpet Benefits - Energy Saving


energy saving clipart

Energy saving - Carpets greatly contribute towards keeping a room warm, especially in in extreme cold conditions. the fibres of a carpet trap the warmth inside helping to better insulate that particular room keeps a room much warmer compared to other conventional flooring. In the winter months it is especially comfortable to walk, sit or lie on. With the rising cost of electricity, heating up your home costs a small fortune every year, but additional annual expense could be greatly reduced with carpets and the natural warmth that it brings.




carpet benefits relaxation


family relaxing on carpetRelaxation - There is practically no other floor besides carpets where people are actually prepared to sit or lie down on, whether it be in the TV room. lounge or bedroom, carpets produce a very warm and cosy atmosphere which make it the ideal floor covering to relax on or just to be lazy on.



Carpet benefits Easy to Clean


clipart of a walking, smiling house holding a mop and bucketEasy to clean - Contrary to belief, carpets are amazingly easy to clean and maintain. As with other surf carpets do collect dust and dirt on a daily basis, this is quite easily remedied by daily vacuuming. The problem does however arise when daily cleaning is not undertaken.



Carpet benefits affordability


pink piggy bank with coinsAffordability - Compared to most other flooring, it is easily one of the most cost effective ways to cover a floor, with the many of the lower priced ranges less than R100m² including installation, with such low prices, anyone can now afford to carpet their home.




Carpet benefits - Long lasting

a timeless clockLong lasting - Despite being a fabric material, carpets are surprisingly resilient and could last quite long in comparison to many other floors. Depending on the type of carpet, coupled with correct installation, a quality underfelt and proper care, your carpet could give you many years of service, while continuing to look and feel great.



Carpet Benefits - Design Flexibility

beautiful bedroom overlooking the oceanDesign Flexibility - Perhaps more than any other floor covering, carpets give such a wide range of colours, textures and designs, that you could practically match it any kind of decor, without the need to compromise on your specific style. With so many possibilities at your disposable, it's simply a matter of "what colour will it be." 

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