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rolls of different coloured carpetsYour Carpet Buying Guide:

With such a vast range of carpets and other flooring, such as wood floors and laminate available on the market, making the correct choice of carpet is quite a daunting task

as well as a bit confusing, it does therefore help to have a  slight understanding about the different types of carpets before choosing a specific one for your home or office.
There are just so many advantages and benefits in having carpets, that choosing a carpet should be quite a pleasurable experience, knowing that there are very few better flooring options available.

How much does it cost?

Price is unfortunately a major factor in determining what type of carpet we purchase. Even though most households have budget constraints, the good news is that there are so many different types of carpets, with prices ranging from around R100m² -  R1 100m²  which makes purchasing carpets well within reach of many households.

What is the room going to be used for?

Although as the client you do make the final decision as to the choice of carpet, it is nevertheless recommended that you choose a carpet that will be functional for it's specific location, as all carpets have unique characteristics which make it suitable for specific conditions in both residential as well as commercially, e.g... heavy traffic, commercial carpets, are well suited for hotels, no use putting a thin carpet in this example for obvious reasons. 


Will it be a Leisure or Entertainment area?

family relaxing on carpet

TV rooms, dining areas etc. which are used for family and social gatherings would also be ideally suited for "stain proof" carpets. Many families are quite comfortable with keeping household pets indoors, which can be a problem if the wrong type of carpet is installed. Combining all of the resulting spills, grime and pet stains etc. which are bound to occur, a polypropylene stainproof carpet would be your most obvious choice, as almost every type of stain can be removed from this kind of carpet if professional carpet cleaning services are utilised, including red wine and ink. although a stain proof carpet does not offer the same kind of luxury as wool and nylon carpets, and has a pile that flattens much quicker over time, the stain removal qualities are definitely worth the price.


Will it be a busy or area?

In every home there are those dirty & greasy high traffic doorway areas that lead from the kitchen and bathroom areas to the

badly soiled carpet

 carpet residential applications, there is usually a high traffic lane which leads from both the kitchen, patio and bathroom areas. This tends to create a "dirty lane"on the adjacent carpet which could become a serious problem if the appropriate type of carpet is not installed in these areas. A stain proof carpet would be the ideal carpet for this kind of area as they are able to be cleaned quite easily. There are also other alternative, attractive flooring solutions such as bamboo flooring that would make the perfect floor with such conditions.

Remember; that darker coloured carpets are able to hide stains much better than their lighter counterparts, a definite consideration prior to your carpet selection.



Is it a large sunny room or an area which is small and dark?

Naturally, sunny rooms do seem to appear larger compared to a dark room, so in order to have the opposite effect to have a dark room appear larger is just to fit a light carpet and vice versa.

Darker carpets like navy blue, black and dark green  also tend to bring tranquillity to a room and are ideally suited for the lounge, study or main bedroom.


Do you want a luxury carpet?

If your desire is for the carpet to be the main feature of the the selected room, then either a thick pile, luxury carpet or one that displays some kind of pattern or design  would seem to be a solution as this will be quite prominent compared to a plain carpet. This action will tend to draw attention away from the wall and other features of the room. However, if the overall decor need to be emphasised,  then in such an instance a carpet with a plain texture would be appropriate. where the carpet is the dominant feature of the room.


What colour scheme are you trying to promote? 
For an aesthetically pleasing effect it is vital for the carpet to blend in and complement the overall decor of the room, in particular the wall colour. For this very reason it is important to match a colour sample of the carpet with that of the wall and built in cupboards to get a perfect contrast. It is particularly useful if this is done during daylight. If the wall requires  painting. this should be undertaken prior to carpet installation, to protect the new carpet from any accidental spills.
A good tip!!

Many carpets that are recommended for commercial purposes such as hotel and casinos, would make and excellent addition to any home, combining the strength of commercial quality with the luxury of a residential. These types of carpets also offer amazing cleaning qualities which are much better than normal residential carpets.


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Carpet Maintenance: Cleaning And Caring For Your Carpets

carpet vacuum cleaner clipartDue to the great cost that is incurred when purchasing new carpets, it is imperative that they are cleaned and maintained correctly in order to reap the benefits as well as getting the most out of this costly investment.
Some of the advantages associated with carpets that are properly cared for, is an extended carpet carpet life that could last for so many more years, compared to one which is neglected, in addition, the hygiene factor is hugely beneficial to everyone making use of the carpet. Apart from this, clean and well maintained carpets look and feel great, and also gives a very pleasurable experience.
The first step to great looking carpets, is the normal vacuuming process, which should be undertaken regularly and consistently. This helps rid the carpet of any surface dirt, and also prevents dirt and debris from settling into the carpet fibres where they could be trampled deeper into the carpet where they could become almost permanently embedded which makes it quite difficult to clean as the carpet gets older.
Another important tip, is to have the carpets vacuumed, even if they do seem to be clean, the reason for this, is that airborne dust particles which settle on the surface, slowly penetrate to the deeper regions of the carpet if it is left unattended, which creates a problem later on.
Vacuuming should be done at least every other day, especially in busy areas, such as the passage or TV rooms that accumulate dirt very easily.
Vacuum cleaning might not seem all that important, but be assured, that it is the most vital part of carpet maintenance, and one that will give you great long term benefits.

door mat, please wipe you feetDoor mats are also very important and should be used as a preventative measure, especially at doorways leading from the outside as well as from the kitchen to a carpeted area, this prevents most grease and grime from being trampled on to the carpets, which allows for much easier cleaning later on.

carpet cleaning bear clipartThe services of professional carpet cleaning company  should be made use of as the situation requires. On average, bi annually should be sufficient, but this should be increased should the need arise.
Professional cleaning is very useful in completely removing dirt, soil and stains, that might be either caused by accidental spills or those that gradually become deeply embedded below the surface over a period of time, which cannot be removed by normal vacuuming alone.
They also make use of powerful disinfectants, that are very useful for killing and eliminating many different types of germs and bacteria. which might be trapped within the deep recesses of the carpet fibres.
This type of cleaning is one which we highly recommend to each and every household

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Choosing a Carpet

rolls of different coloured carpetsYour Carpet Buying Guide:

With such a vast range of carpets and other flooring, such as wood floors and laminate available on the market, making the correct choice of carpet is quite a daunting task

as well as a bit confusing, it does therefore help to have a  slight understanding about the different types of carpets before choosing a specific one for your home or office.
There are just so many advantages and benefits in having carpets, that choosing a carpet should be quite a pleasurable experience, knowing that there are very few better flooring options available.

Belgotex Residential Carpets

Belgotex Carpets LogoBelgotex are true market leaders in the design and manufacture of an impressive range of residential carpets which are beautifully crafted in a variety of colours, styles and designs that are needless to say quite trendy as well, keeping pace with the latest trends and consumer demands.
The Belgotex range of Residential Carpets are ideally suited to Lounge areas, Bedrooms, Passages, TV and Play rooms, with each designed specifically to suit your exact needs and requirements, whether you need a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain or something for the bedroom which is soft an luxurious, Belgotex has just the carpet for you.

Belgotex continually strive to bring you the best products incorporating the latest technoloy that brings you the best quality and healhiest carpets.
Belgotex silvercare logo

 Now with SilverCare, anti microbial treatment, dust mites are virtually a thing of the past, making your family safer, especially those who are prone to allergic reactions.
SilverCare is a completely safe and natural product which has been scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria, dust mites and bad odours in your carpet.

Belgotex Residential Carpet Range

The following is our current Belgotex Carpet Pricelist, prices are valid from 01 April 2016, b.ut are subject to change without notice.

Individual prices may vary, depending on installation conditions, removal of old carpet & felt, removing & replacing of under carpet heating, removal & replacing of skirting  1/4 rounds, cutting & planing of doors etc.

Belgotex Carpet Prices 

(All Prices Exclude Vat)

Carpet RangePrice of Carpet

Underfelt PrIce

1000gr sqm.

Installation / FittingTotal Price: Including Underelt & Installation
Conqueror R145 R35 R40 sqm. R220
Origins R175     R250
Essence R350     R425
Superweave R215     R290
R435     R510
Reflection R490     R565
Impressions R495     R570
Westminster R575     R650
Vogue R745     R820
Royal Twist R890     R965
Destiny   R495      R570
Colour Rib R95 Adhesive - R35 R50 sqm. R180

 Belgotex Lifestyle Collection

(All Prices Exclude Vat)

Carpet RangePrice of Carpet

Underfelt PrIce

1000gr sqm.

Installation / FittingTotal Price: Including Underelt & Installation
Bella Vista R335 R35 R40 sqm. R410
Cobble Ridge R250     R325
Country Living R240     R315
Elegance R375     R450
Habitat R185     R260
Heather Twist R280     R355
Portrait R175     R250
Stone Ridge R210     R285
Timeless R170     R245

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carpet join opening upDue to the high number of improper wall to wall carpet installations that are undertaken daily, the chances of your carpet experiencing floor failure is extremely high, if not inevitable. The most common type of failure occurs where two or more pieces of carpet are joined together to form one large piece, this process that is basically unavoidable, as the width of a carpet roll is less than four metres wide, which in retrospect means that the carpet needs to be joined in order to cover the entire area of the floor.
The good news is that a good quality join, one which is virtually invisible that also blends in perfectly with the rest of the carpet is definitely possible to attain, provided that a skilled fitter takes the necessary time, effort and patience to do it the correct way. The bad news however, is that the practise of quality carpet fitting is very rarely followed due to a few reasons.
1. Carpet fitters have to adhere to time constraints, which ensures the maximum productivity for the carpet dealer.
2. The carpet installation is passed on to independent carpet fitting contractors, who basically have a single agenda, which is to be paid for a job that is complete, irrespective of whether this violates any customer satisfaction etiquette.

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The price of carpets is of such, that virtually any household can afford to purchase and install wall to wall carpets.

The pricing of a carpet is usually an indication of the type of quality which we can expect, this does not necessarily  mean that cheaper carpets will not give the desired quality and appeal. 

 Belgotex Carpet Prices

belgotex carpets logo


 Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet RangePrice of Carpet / sqm

Underfelt PrIce

1000gr sqm.

Installation / Fitting


 Including Underelt /  Installation

Baltimore R675 R40sqm R45sqm. R760
Bella Vista R415     R500
Cobble Ridge R315     R400
Co - Exist  R235      R320
Connect  R225     R310
Conqueror R155     R240
Conscious R290     R375
Country Living R295     R380
Elegance R475     R560
Essex R245   . R330
Habitat R225     R310
Heather Twist R345     R430
Immerse  R275      R360
Inclusive   R210     R295 
Influence  R180     R265 
Mantra - M101 R280     R365
Mantra - M201 R320     R405
Mantra - M301 R395     R480
Origins R195     R280
Portrait R195     R280
Royal Twist R890     R975
Serengeti  R610      R695
Softology S101 R345     R430
Softology S201 R450     R535
Softology S301 R610     R695
Stone Ridge R265     R350
Superweave R235     R320
Timeless R195     R280
Weavers Choice R375     R460
Westminster R610     R695
Colour Rib R95 Adhesive - R20 R45sqm. R160


 Belgotex Commercial Carpet Prices

Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet RangeCarpet Price / sqmUnderfelt Price 1000gr / sqm.Installation / Fitting Charges


Includes Underfelt & Fitting

Essex R245 R40 sqm R45 sqm. R330
Weavers Choice R375     R460
Avant Garde R515     R600
Serengeti R610     R695
Westminster R610     R695
Baltimore R675     R760
Hercules R125 Adhesive - R20 R45 sqm. R190
Berber Point 650 R155 Adhesive - R20 R45 sqm. R220
Berber Point 920 R190 Adhesive - R20 R45 sqm. R255
Grime Buster R160 Adhesive - R35 R50 sqm. R245

Prices: Belgotex Carpet Tiles

logo for belgotex carpets



Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet Tiles SizePrice / sqm.Installation / Fitting / Adhesive


Including Fiting  & Adhesive

Colour Rib 50cm * 50cm R130 R65 sqm. R195
Hercules 50cm * 50cm R150   R215
Berber Point 650 50cm * 50cm R195   R260
Berber Point 920 50cm * 50cm R225   R290
Induna 50cm * 50cm R195   R260
Metro 50cm * 50cm R195   R260
Berber Point Fushion 50cm * 50cm R195   R260
Advantage 50cm * 50cm R195   R260
Diagonals 50cm * 50cm R225   R290



Nowens Capet Prices

nouwens carpet ogo


Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet RangeCarpet Price / sqm.Underfelt Price
1000gr / sqm. 
Installation / Fitting Charges


Including Underfelt & Installation

Berckley R890 R40 sqm. R45 sqm. R970
Kirman R850     R930
Madison Square Discontinued     Discontinued
Copenhagen R595     R675
Pinto R550     R630
Modweave Discontinued     Discontinued
Chenille R545     R625
Ecotwist Discontinued     Discontinued
Rustique R495     R575
Berber Look R395     R475
Stereo R175     R255
Icon R345     R425
 Nashville Discontinued     Discontinued
Attitude R315     R395
Elements Discontinued     Disontinued
Entertainer R235     R315



Van Dyck Carpet Prices 

logo for van dyck carpets


Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet Range

Carpet Price / sqm.

Underfelt Price 1000gr / sqm.Installation / Fitting Charges


Including   Installation & Underfelt

Cottage Weave R185 R40  sqm, R45 sqm. R265
Classique R185     R265
Manhatten R195     R275
Tibet R230     R310
Weavecraft R235     R315
Berberesque R285     R365
Frivola R460     R540
Kashmir R275     R355
Sorrento R360     R440
Diplomat R590     R670
Shaggy Exclusive R850     R930
 Romeo  R695      R775
Stately Homes R750     R830
Velocity R160     R240
Harmony R285     R365













Van Dyck - Commercial Carpet Prices

logo for van dyck carpets


Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet RangCarpet Price / sqm.Adhesive sqm. PriceInstallation / Fitting Charges


Including Adhesive & Fitting

Barcode Earth R185 R20 R45 R250
Econorib Earth R95     R160
Director Earth R125     R190
Florpoint Earth R185     R250
Powerpoint Earth R145     R230
Natural Choice Earth R160     R225
Pinning Board R395     R460
 PowerPoint Earth  R155      R220


Crossley Carpet Prices

logo for crossley carpets


All Prices Exclude Vat

Carpet RangeCarpet Price / sqm.

Underfelt Price

1000gr / sqm.

Installation / Fitting Charges


Incluting Installation & Underfelt

Athenia - 3.66 R770 R40 sqm. R45 sqm. R845
Athenia Border - 0.69 R770     R845
Brighton R995     R1070
Harlequin R995     R1070
Sandhurst R670     R745

Sandscapes - 3.66

R890     R965
Sandscapes - 4.00 R890     R965
York R990     R1065
Velvet Wilton R770     R845
Contrast R795     R870
Honeycomb R795     R870
Chequers R795     R870
Marble Planet - 3.66 R795     R870
Tartan R795     R870
Trellis R695     R770
Baroque R890      R965
Cameo R890     R965
Pindo R890     R965




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